Frequently Asked Questions

The Kansas Property Tax Payment application allows taxpayers the opportunity to make property tax payments on their desktop or mobile device. Visit the application here:

You will need to contact your County Treasurers’ Office. To lookup contact information, visit:

If you receive an error message stating to contact the Secretary of State, call (785) 296-4564. They will be able to tell you the steps you need to take.

File your Kansas tax return with Kansas WebFile, a free state tax return service provided by the Kansas Department of Revenue and Get started here:

  1. To run a Kansas criminal history record check, visit:
  2. The KDADS Online Criminal Record Check can be found here:

Please visit our Subscriber Center for more information.

You must send a fax on company letterhead to 785-296-5563. Include the account number and state the changes you are needing done to the account. If you need a password reset, you will need to provide the username and state if you need the billing and/or service password reset. The fax must be signed by the account admin. 

  1. Whether your business is getting started, making changes, growing or expanding, the Kansas Business One Stop is your one-stop-shop for interacting with Kansas government. Visit the website here:
  2. Additionally, Network Kansas is a great resource and they can be reached at 877-521-8600.
  1. Verify that you are using the legal format that the post office has by visiting this link:
  2. Additionally, make sure that you have the address separated per the boxes on the form.

Street number
Street direction
Street name
Street suffix: ST,TER,LN etc
ZIP and city

a. Log in with your KanAccess account first (if you do not have one, sign up by clicking the sign up today button).
1. Once you get signed in, it will take you to the Kansas Business Center.
2. If you receive a question that asks “Do you have an existing account?” answer YES if you have been in the KBC before.
3. If you have never been in the KBC before click NO.
b. Enter your email address and click Forgot Password
1. This will send you a one-time temporary password to enter in the field where it asked if you had an existing KBC account. This links your KanAccess account and KBC account. You will always log in with KanAccess and your KanAccess password.

This is an account with the Secretary of State and is not associated with your Kansas Business Center account. You can either create an account with the Secretary of State or continue as a guest.

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