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Delivering world-class digital government.

Strategic Goals

Increase awareness of INK to citizens, agencies, and businesses
Maintain and deliver core values
Unified Web/digital strategy
Diversifying collaborative services
Perform portfolio assessment to improve performance, enhance existing services, and prioritize
Enterprise account management


Kansas is considered the birthplace of eGovernment. Kansas legislation (K.S.A. 74-9301 et seq.) was passed in 1990 authorizing the creation of the Information Network of Kansas, Inc. (INK). In 1991, INK awarded Kansas Information Consortium, LLC (now a subsidiary of NIC, Inc., [NASDAQ: EGOV]) the network manager contract and began eGovernment operations.

The first service provided in 1991 was an e-mail service for subscribers. Other services were added to meet the needs of a growing computerized government and business audience. In 1994, INK offered a wide range of electronic services including legislative legal, banking and educational services.

INK launched the official state Web site for Kansas in January 1995. Kansas had one of the first state sites in the U.S. In 1999, hunting and fishing licenses were made available online. INK launched a new state portal with the name accessKansas in 2000. In 2005, the portal was redesigned and renamed

Kansas has launched many new and varied Web-based applications including business filings, professional license renewals and license verifications. continues to add services and information to improve online access to Kansas government. View a list of services. – Your government online, anytime!

Business Model

In 1991, the State of Kansas initiated one of the most successful business models in the country. This model is called a “self-funding portal.” The model is currently used in many states across the U.S. In this model the state incurs almost no costs, while the contracted Network Manager absorbs the technology risk and operational costs. In return the network manager develops eGovernment solutions that better enable citizens and businesses to interact with the state.

Organizational Structure operates under the authority of the Information Network of Kansas, Inc. (INK). INK was created by an act of the Kansas Legislature in 1990 to provide Kansans equal electronic access to state, county, local and other public information. INK provides Kansans equal access to governmental data via the Internet.

A nine-member board appointed by the Governor of Kansas administers the policy for INK. The board includes the Kansas Secretaries of State, Transportation and Revenue; the Executive Chief Information Technology Officer; a representative from the Kansas Association of Libraries; and private Kansas citizens representing user groups. The board ensures information in the public domain is administered for the public good.

Public-Private Partnership

  • The Information Network of Kansas, Inc. contracts with Kansas Information Consortium, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIC Inc., to be the network manager.
  • NIC Inc., the leading eGovernment solutions provider, has similar agreements with many states.
  • KIC provides state agencies with Web hosting, maintenance, application development and marketing support.
  • KIC’s offices are located in the state capitol city, in downtown Topeka, Kansas.
  • Primary funding for the portal comes from modest convenience fees and subscription fees for a select set of commercially-valuable information and services.
  • has not replaced the traditional methods of obtaining any government records or services. If any record or service is normally available for free, it can continue to be obtained for free through traditional methods of delivery.
  • Most of the fee-based online services are geared toward business users. Research has shown businesses are willing to pay a fee for instant access to records that might otherwise take weeks to obtain.